The Award Winners

May 16, 2008
bkkeepr screenshot


A Twitter mashup that lets you track your reading and bookmark on the go, via the web and SMS

April 18, 2008
Stop New Nukes screenshot

Stop New Nukes

An education/advocacy project to make folks aware of the impact of nuclear weapons. Combines Google Maps with Flickr photos of various nuclear hazards.

October 12, 2007
Find the Landmark screenshot

Find the Landmark

A maps mashup game where the objective is to find a randomly assigned landmark within a Google Maps view of the world. Compare your score …

September 25, 2007
DaylightMap screenshot


Where’s the sun right now? Well, you could look out your window, or you could just check out this Google Maps mashup of daylight and …

September 24, 2007
The Globe is Warming screenshot

The Globe is Warming

If you’ve ever wondered what might happen to the coastal areas given the future impact of climate induced sea level rise (and who hasn’t?), then …