Judging Criteria

We’ll weigh each category as equally as possible, depending on the focus of your mashup. Exceptions will be made if any one category is incredibly well executed, or just impresses the hell out of us.


How many times has this been done, if any? Understandably it can be hard to come up with something truly unique on the web today, but this is the MashupAwards after all. Take for example, LastTube, a video enhanced Last.fm experience.


Taking a normally mundane source of data or API and thinking up a way to make it interesting isn’t easy to do. This is where creativity comes in. Something can be unique, but totally boring. Try to avoid that. Unique is good, interesting and unique is better. Push your mashups far as you can.


Is someone glad you took the time? If you can simplify a complex process, you’re headed down the right path. There are plenty of data sources out there and just as many APIs for programming. Combine them into something cool and useful. It won’t be overlooked, we promise.


The key to a judge’s heart. Great content is a must to be considered for a MashupAward, especially since a mashup really is just a combination of one or more data (content) sources.

User Experience

Is your mashup intuitive? Perfect. Combining multiple data sources of into one mashup can make for a confusing user experience. Think about how your users will interact with your mashup and don’t assume anything.