The best subreddits you need to suscribe if you want to be more disciplined


Reddit is a social platform where an enormous community of people virtually gathers and discusses about practically any type of topic. The site is composed of subreddits, which are the titles or names of a certain topic group. For example if you wish to talk about “Star Wars” (random), you will find many subreddits related to this particular subject.

You can look and sign up for subreddits regarding food, movies, history, science, math, the universe, philosophies, books, etc.; anything as specific or as general that you would like to talk about, you can find on Reddit.

So, on today’s article we will be mentioning some subreddits that give you resources to be disciplined:


This subreddit would definitely have to be the first to mention. In this group you can make questions and create discussions on tips, videos, ideologies, hacks and personal life stories on gaining self discipline.

You can browse through the discussions that have already been created or you can create your own discussion on a specific situation that you have going on. Soon enough you will see other subscribers jumping along to help you.

There have been people asking about how to get rid of procrastination, how to become more productive, what to do in order to obtain self-discipline and leave bad habits, how to gain concentration and focus on specific goals, etc.


In this subreddit you can also find tips on how to become self-disciplined towards anything related to fitness. And even though it could not be exactly what you are looking for, remember that in order to truly be disciplined, your body plays a big role, and keeping it healthy will always represent an advantage.

It will make you feel better, more motivated and more willing to commit to discipline in the other areas of your life. So, this one might surely come in handy, you don’t lose anything by giving it an opportunity.


Now this subreddit is a major resource for gaining discipline. How does it work? Well, it takes on a philosophy of “no more zero days”, which stands for not letting a single day pass without doing at least one thing towards achieving you goal(s). It’s all about creating this habit of working every single day no matter how you feel.

The participants of this community support each other with tips, videos, motivational phrases, suggestions, etc. They have designated Sundays as “Achievement Sharing Sunday”, which is when everyone is encouraged to share a particular activity or set of activities that you did during the week or that particular day.

The rules for this subreddit are to truly promise yourself that will have no more zero days, and that you will be thankful and forgiving with your past, present and future, because it is perfectly fine to mess up, you just have to acknowledge your failures, learn from them and move on. Here you can find related books and exercises, too.


This productivity titled subreddit is all about really positive ideas, comments, anecdotes and suggestions to make you be more productive. The community is committed by rule to exhale positivity and tolerance to all members.

They share only constructive advice with each other, including app suggestions for example. Although, if you decide to recommend a productivity app, you have to consider 3 things: the app must be finished and is no longer in a beta form; you used it and, that it really did help make you be productive.


If you consider yourself a procrastinator and you find it difficult to turn that into self-discipline, then this is a good subreddit to check out and join. The subscribers here are very open about their personal issues with being able to improve their attitudes and habits and therefore their lives in general.

You will find many discussions on how to work on letting go of procrastination, bad habits, fear; and how you can profoundly obtain confidence, motivation, determination, focus, responsibility, inspiration and how to take action.

Recognizing and owning your flaws and the issues you deal with is the first step, and nobody will judge or be rude to you in any of these subreddit communities, otherwise they will be banned for not following these specific rules. So, if you are convinced of taking action and becoming disciplined, take a look at these groups of people going through similar situations as you; Reddit is the place to remind you that you are not alone.